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by | Jun 11, 2024

Published by The Supreme Team on June 11, 2024

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Artist Name: The Rapper CHCRIS

Who are you?

CH OR CHCRIS is Without a doubt The Most Influential Young Rapper of this Decade are things that are said about this Great name CRIS molo Without a doubt he is or will be a Great Legend of Hip Hop Rap Now he is among the best For his Fans he is and For the Hip Hop Community Hip Hop Fans and Music Fans he is among the best Artist of this Generation but that is the opinion of each one, He is the Next best Rapper of all time and the most Influential among young people an Icon of the new culture.

CRIS Molo Akapo, better known by his stage name CHCRIS is a Rapper and composer of Rap Hip Hop Music. CHC as he is also called is considered by his fans and other Hip Hop fans as one of the best of this generation and one One of the most unique rappers of the last 3 years because of his unique way of making his music, his style of music is Rap Hip Hop, but he also has another genre such as Drill NYC and Drill UK. CH possibly in the future can become one of the Best Rappers of all time.

Where are you from?

American And African Ecuatorial Guinea , Music Hip Hop Rap

How can we follow you?

Webs Sites ,Youtube , Spotify

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