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Artist Name: GØDSTEP

Who are you?

A controversial name in the electronic music scene, GØDSTEP, known as the God of Dubstep, brings his unique style to the forefront. Hailing from Greece, his journey began with a passion for EDM and a fascination with frequencies. A transformative trip to Cuba introduced him to dubstep, sparking his ambition to lead the community.

GØDSTEP blends traditional electronic music with innovative AI-driven mixing, creating a powerful and minimalistic sound. Though still building his fanbase, his immersive live performances and boundary-pushing tracks are making waves. Join GØDSTEP as he redefines the future of dubstep.

Where are you from?

I’m GØDSTEP, hailing from Greece. The music scene here is vibrant, with a deep appreciation for both traditional and modern sounds. While EDM and dubstep are still growing, the community is passionate and eager for fresh, innovative music. Shout out to all the Greek ravers and electronic music fans—let’s redefine the scene together!

How can we follow you?

SUPPORT @godstep_official
INSTAGRAM: www.instagram.com/godstep_official
YOUTUBE: youtube.com/@godstep_official
SPOTIFY: open.spotify.com/artist/0b38vam2dRCPXWCfFE5TvZ


Listen to GØDSTEP:

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