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Published by The Supreme Team on February 28, 2024

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Artist Name: Wilferrrr

Who are you?

I describe myself as a severely underground artist who makes ethereal music and over the top hip hop producing levels, I sample old music and turn it into brand new using a lot of (and a long amount of) production for weeks.

Where are you from?

The music scene in my area is very small, i live in a rural area of California, Lucerne valley. I hope to make it big one day with my unique music producing and rapping, I haven't made a rap song yet but one is in the process of being made. As an artist i reach to get a fanbase who will accept me for what my music is and what it'll be in the future, i have been declined by so many labels who don't see my potential as a musician, which makes me severely underground.

How can we follow you?

open.spotify.com/artist/1tzwpTzMh56SvxXy2vrDlm?si=tSNr-UXtSCaNpRlvAkTcug – Spotify
www.youtube.com/channel/UCC0MtJqkz_4AhWIwjshRV1Q – Youtube Topic Channel

Song Title: New Boy

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